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01 July 2009 @ 12:41 am
Vocal Renditions: Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi (Chinese part ONLY)  

This is dedicated to all Zerocaster staff members, namely Angel angelyrique, Asra hybrid_hallow, Emkay amnosxmatsujun and Ghol ghol88 and to the girl who inspired me to make vocal renditions, Denise denise_dinc!

I apologise if i hurt your ears and thank you in advance to those who like it!

Please offer your opinions as to where I can improve!

If you find the player doesn't work, please try again tomorrow, if problem persists, kindly inform me of the matter.

Thank you! *bows deeply* ^____________^ v

credits to original Chinese lyrics: denise_dinc



When feeling lonely and distant,


you are the only one in my heart.


The frustrations I have that are bottled up,


are now thoroughly let out for myself.


When complaining that there is no one beside me,


you walked into my heart,


like the flower at the side of the road,


smiling gently in the wind.


Who is able, to be in the need of whom,


and willingly give regardless of consequences?


Only sincere love can


pat away/remove the hurt residing within.

Smile Again! 真的謝謝你!

Smile Again! Thank you very much!

Smile Again! 在哭泣聲裡!

Smile Again! Amongst these weeping sounds!


To come to this world, we will become


definitely stronger when we face difficulties!

Smile Again! 因為有你!

Smile Again! Because of you!

Smile Again! 所以更快樂!

Smile Again! Therefore more joyful!


Though it is not spoken,


the love that was first and


from the depths of the heart is a storm (Arashi)!
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Stephanie / Sellasella90 on July 1st, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
Stephanie / Sellasella90 on July 1st, 2009 12:16 am (UTC)
yay!! XDDDD

another one??!!! XDDDD
gosh!! why are u stil here woman???
i told u too to sign up for the next australian idol!! XDDD
i really like your voice >3 very soft and gentle >3
i dunno its just soooooooo yasashi XDD LOL XDD

whats next?? another arashi song?? cant wait!! XDDD
jl2020: Gigglesjl2020 on July 1st, 2009 05:46 am (UTC)

you made my day~ I'm so happy to hear your comments~

hey , gotta run, i have an event to go too~ no, not a date with Sho san as if :P but a school workshop thingy~

let's hang out one day~ ;D

bye for now and thank you for visiting my LJ, it's rather lonely sometimes but im happy to see comments from other ppl~
Stephanie / Sellasella90 on July 1st, 2009 10:50 am (UTC)
thank god!! its not a date with the chesuto guy *phew* i am so relieved to hear that XDDD LOL

we definately need to hang out one day XDD sadly this month im already full with both works and school works

:( sorry jen *hiks* :((((

theres always next time right?? XDDDD
jl2020: Thank you!jl2020 on July 1st, 2009 05:58 am (UTC)
<<< see icon

I guess~ XD

Stephanie / Sellasella90 on July 1st, 2009 11:19 am (UTC)
jl2020: Happy Shocasterjl2020 on July 1st, 2009 12:46 pm (UTC)

I think I know what I want to dream about tonight.....

sure, we can hang out some other day~ i mean hey~ oi understand~
らんちゅ: spring shoa_ranchu on July 1st, 2009 03:29 pm (UTC)
Jenny, again, you have such a sweet voice ♥
And thank you so much~~!! It's definitely a favourite song through Arashi fans <33 and you sing it so fine ^^

And I just discovered that if I click a certain link I can hear more than 30s X)

Thank you again ♥ and *hugs*
jl2020: Thank you!jl2020 on July 1st, 2009 05:33 pm (UTC)
<<< see icon~

Thank you very much Asra!

and i havent replied to your previous comments too~

ah! gomen!

I have some more but they need to wait a bit~ ;D

I just hope Ghol chan will be alright...

*hugs ZC staff*

you said you are quite knowledgable with music! Lucky you! I only know how to sing and i dont think i sing very well.....

ano ne, when i have bg music, i dont know why but i always end up competing with Arashi and sing the notes as high as i can which is why i chose to upload the one WITHOUT the bg music orelse i really think i will break all your glass windows.. ^^"
らんちゅ: spring shoa_ranchu on July 1st, 2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
hehe, you're welcome ^^
Don't worry~ I know you're busy, how are you doing?
I hope your sister is feeling better.

I read Ghol's email this morning.. I hope she'll recover at least a part of her files. Data from HDD -can be- recovered so I hope that technician does his best (here I don't really trust them..).

Umm.I have no idea about music, I wish I would have studied music too, but time is limited T___T

I think I know what you mean XD if I sing while they sing, I can't hear myself very well. Hmm, try using voiceless version, that's why I made a voiceless ver for Ashita no Kioku karaoke, I thought ppl could be helped by the timed lyrics, and yet record themselves with clean BG music :)
Jenny dear, rehears and you'll get even better ;) you have a lovely voice so you can do it~!
jl2020: failure... is the price you pay for succjl2020 on July 1st, 2009 08:13 pm (UTC)
i've been both busy and naughty...

busy bc of uni events - i'm invited to an engineering conference with reps from the whole nation - but i havent decided whether to go or not - i mean i'm such a junior but there will be pros there and i would love to ask them how they got to where they are now... i want to one day be in their position and make some difference to this world... yea, i dream too much but still hope to "Dream A-Live" (pun intended XD)

in my case, my parents think music is useless T__T so i nvr got the chance to learn an instrument - you know i really want to know how to play the guitar (like Nino or YUI) or the basics of piano (like Sho chan) will be fine but my parents just kept stuffing me with maths etc, mainly maths and then i found that maths is like a game and i see it like how Nino sees his games XD bc you see, my parents banded all games non-academic related and didnt allow me to visit my friends (like go to their place - says it s dangerous etc - but i didnt have many - ok, almost none, bc there werent any like minds at school, not until i came to uni). so yea, it was pretty lonely but if i had a guitar then, it sure will help express that loneliness (i used to draw to drive away time - maybe i should upload some of my work? but really, you're tonnes better than me!!!)

You're making me want to ask you to make a voiceless Boku ga boku no subete vid...... i so want to sing that song.... i thought it was too fast fo rme so that's why i only sang one part of it and btw the post that has it is being stupid... i'll have to fix it some time later....

as for me being naughty...
a) regardless, i've been dling crazy bc of holidays and bc i need to catch up o n Arashi
b) i basically became an owl..... watch stuff at night, sleep in the day - very bad- i kneew it! that;s why i hate holidays! they always give me too much freedom for my own good
c) from b) you can see i am being naughty by blaming my faults on other things....
d) i should be preparing for a hard subject next semester and i already found a study buddy but..... *kicks her idleness*
e) and i really need to pick up some speed with translating... maybe it's bc there's so much, i got overwhelmed? oh well~ it should be ok~ i'm staring with Xmas Song~ love that song

and you can see that this messege was type at 0612 - i just finished Yoran 8 and a Matsujun movie~ *smacks herself* better head to bed.... *sighs* i hope i fix my biological clock b4 term starts again~ YABAI desu kore~ :P
らんちゅ: 山a_ranchu on July 1st, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)
*___* I think you should go, really. Profit of every occasion you get~
I think that dreaming a bit is important in being human :)

If you want, it's never too late to grab a guitar and learn to play it, for your own enjoyment. The lack of expression through music kills me sometimes, especially after a concert (be it classical or contemporary music) so much that I feel like crying my heart out. I still want to learn an instrument, so let's do it ^^ and do share your drawings if you want :D they can't be worse than Sho's XD and I still love his <3 Hope you don't feel lonely anymore *hugs* my best friend was in a somewhat similar situation, but I was the evil one, and said "oh god, nothing will happen, come on".

You deserve so much Arashi for working so hard for school~! Don't feel guilty. Haha, I know what holidays do to you, it only takes a few days to mess the schedule (I woke up at 1pm today x__x) but I hate it.. I feel like a zombie.
You know, I just looked at the projects list in the forum.. please take it easy.. it's huge @___@;; take care of yourself, enjoy yourself, it's the holidays to relax for all your hard work~!
Xmas song <3 lovely. The first time I heard it I thought Sho sings "Nino~ Nino~" instead of "Ding - dong" :/
btw, there is winter? I die of the hot weather here, so I can't feel the mood of the song..

Hehe, which film? which film? *too curious for her own good*
Yes, let's fix our biological clocks and stay healthy ~___~
When do your term start again? oo''
jl2020: Hmm...jl2020 on July 2nd, 2009 06:28 am (UTC)
ok, tthen i'll take your advice~ but i have to go find the details again, it's this weekend!

hmmm true, but i dont even have a guitar... i know there is a keyboard in the house and a harmonic, a recorder and 2 chinese flutes~

Thank you for your kind words! "Nino~ Nino~"?! were you on Sakumiya high? XD
yes, it's winter here~ so cold~~~~~~~~~~~

i watched Boku wa Imoto Koi ni suru~ here's my review on aibakaland:

let's just say that i ve noticed this movie a long time ago but bc of the topic/theme i didnt touch it, that says it even though Jun was in it.

Demo, after over a year's worth of contemplation, i finished watching it til the end and my points as follows:

1. i followed the story - it's a daring try btw but i like and it does addresses some issues

2. some parts were too slow - again if it werent for Jun and some R scenes (ok, i'm shameless).....

3. i like the music and the lack of it bc it makes it more serious (and somewhat boring in some parts)

4. the conclusion is a good one:
"there is nothing wrong with loving another person, even if that person is your sister" and " I lied, I can never have Iku as my bride. it's over.... Smile ne~"
i really like the discussion and confusion/conflict - it's ethics~ and a good clash of it too~ it makes me feel this movie to be more a tragedy, i actually sympathise the twins. again, the heavens have played with the mortals and have set fate to this *sighs*

My term starts on the 27th this month~
oh and tomorrow~ I'm going to go to Jay Chou's Only Sydney Concert! FYI, Jay Chou is a Taiwanese singer and can be objectively said as the current Asian Pop King~
Stephanie / Sella: Jun!sella90 on July 2nd, 2009 06:45 am (UTC)
what ??!! jay chou is here!!! and he's having a concert here ? XDD what??!! :((

i really had no idea about his concert in sydney at all !! O_____O

*hiks* i really wanna go to his concerttttt with you !!!:((((

*praying for arashi's SYDNEY CONCERT* XDDD
jl2020: Heh?!jl2020 on July 2nd, 2009 06:51 am (UTC)

woman, you dont even know of his concert!?!?!?!!?!?!?

did you not see the posters at Easyway and Chinese stores!?!??!?!?

oh well~ i'll try and take some awesome pics when i go~ ok?

*prays for an Arashi concert with you*
Stephanie / Sellasella90 on July 2nd, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
yay!! cant wait to see Jay's pics >3333333!! ILU!!!

omg!!! im so bakaaa ne~~~~ i must have concentrated on the bubble gum tea then the poster LOL XDDDDDD
らんちゅ: aiba_coola_ranchu on July 3rd, 2009 08:57 am (UTC)
*hot chocolate for you*

Oh, that film.. if it wasn't for Jun, I would have stopped it after 30min. The direction was bad. It was too slow, too boring, and the characters were stupid at many points. Iku seemed a bit retarded at times (or maybe it was the bad acting? I saw the actress this year as Mei-chan, maybe she improved). And I don't get the ending.. the way they put it.. no flower. let's break up XD okey, I'm mean, and I know that wasn't the idea. But it still annoyed me. Together - after one day he thinks it was a bad decision (after thinking about it for years!)- struggle to get back together - again, after a day they realize they won't be together because? What was the point they wanted to make? it's okey to love each other, even in that situation, or not? if they truly love each other, they could have moved some place no one knew them, and be careful not to make kids XD sorry, it just pissed me off, that film.

Oooh, how was the concert? :D don't kill me, I didn't even know who he is.. >.>;;;
jl2020: I write what i thinkjl2020 on July 3rd, 2009 03:03 pm (UTC)
*gives HnA sharded ice with condensed milk - you know the ones they had when they went on summer excursion ^__^*

hot chocolate~ you so, SHO know that i am
a) chocoholic
b) in love with that pic of Sho chan in NY having hot choc~
c) love you for it~

now that you mentioned it, i did think the sis was a bit retarded... and the movie was just really too slow and it.... felt stiff.... like ... you know those old street European picture frame shows? the type with an old man telling a story and then shifting pics from a frame? anyway~ you sure think it in more depth than me~ but i felt the scene of the twins returning to the field was indeed important~ the fact that the field wwas no longer there signifies, to me personally, that 'reality is no time machine' and it was childish and what those emotions they had then can only be memories~ i understand your frustration with the time aspects. indeed the contemplation towards the end of the brother was really somewhat fictional~

the concert? ho ho~ you're asking me for the report i'm going to write soon~ matte ne~ *winks* it;s ok not to know him ~ you know, i was nearly bricked by some blokes in my faculty bc i isolate quantum mechanics and uphold classical physics eg Newtonian physics. i, like Einstein, think God didnt play the dice when he created the world. fyi, quantum physics has a lot of probability in it and hell , when they talk any deeper than the basic atom structure, i get lost~ T_T

PS thanks for advertising for the coming Ronaldo clip~
Charmainestarrythatsme on July 4th, 2009 08:38 pm (UTC)
Sharp - out of tune, singing higher than the actual note
Flat - out of tune, singing lower than the actual note

It's fine to change the melody and rhythm to a singer's style, however, the changes are to be in tune.


在感覺到遙遠孤獨的時候 (changed key 2 times)

[胸 pronounciation could be clearer] 中埋藏已 [久 is flat] 的怨氣,

盡情發泄給 [自 is sharp] 己。

"Woah" part is nice. (:

你走進我心 [裹 is flat]

像開在路邊的 [小花 slightly flat] 一 [朵 very flat]

願 [意 is sharp] 付出完全不在乎?(subsequently, each note became sharper)

只有最真的愛才能夠 (within the line, you're in tune, but because you continued sharp from the previous line, this line is in a different key compared to the beginning of the song)

撫平心裡所有痛 [苦 the long note sort of.. broke]

Smile [again - 'A' couldn't be heard, 'gain' went very slightly flat]

(2nd time) Smile [again - 'gain' went very slightly flat]

在哭泣聲[裡 is flat] (I'm guessing you went out of breath)

來到這個世界我們會(there was a break here)變得 (changing the rhythm is okay but it sounded a little like you were uncertain/out of breath)

[面對困難 sounds uncertain]一定更堅強

Smile [Again - 'A' couldn't be heard]

因為有[你 changed key on this word, went flatter]

雖然沒說出口 (entire line is slightly sharper than previous line)

發自冢內心深處的愛是 (each note is slightly flat, as if you were uncertain)

Arashi ('Ara' is out of tune, 'shi' is alright)


Overall, pitching and support needs improvement. Support gives the song a certain energy (at the moment the song's a little airy, as if it's floating), and support gives the sound a direction (at the moment it's just coming out in different directions). It's hard to explain in words. There are singers with a breathy/airy sound, but it's still sounds firm and controlled. As for the direction, it's sort of like the sound's not travelling/projected. Your sound is currently only resonating within a tiny bubble around you, as if you're singing to an ant.

A supported sound would feel as if it's coming from your diaphragm, as if your voice box is at your diaphragm, and for the voice to come out, the voice would travel up your oesophagus, pass your throat and finally the song comes out from your mouth. It would not sound restrained, as if you're singing at 3am and hoping that your family won't hear you.

A way to differentiate between a supported and unsupported sound would be to compare YouTube covers and the energy from the actual song. In this case, Arashi's not a good comparison to begin with because they're using their speaking voice to sing, which is different from yours. You're using your singing voice to sing. There's nothing wrong with either style. Most female singers use their singing voice. All Disney singers use their singing voice. Almost all JE artistes use their speaking voice; an exception is Tegoshi. For now, I'd recommend that you listen to female singers in order to improve based on your own style. Try to make your singing ring in your room. Sort of as there's a very slight echo. It's supposed to be loud as well; loud enough to make the others in the house scream 'Keep quiet!'

That's why I only practise when no one's home. ^^;

Learning to sing requires a little bit of imagination (like the part about the sound coming from your diaphragm). The concepts are difficult to grasp, but once you grasp it you'll understand it for life. There are only 2 extremes; you get it or you don't. If you keep trying, if you are constantly exposed to the correct examples, you'll definitely get it.


There's one really nice thing about your singing. It's bright and it feels like it's coming out from your eyes (weird comparison I know - no offence - it's supposed to be a compliment). I think it's because of your sweet singing style. (: An example of singing that doesn't come out from the eyes: here (her pronounciation, rhythm and pitching is in trouble too) Another example here (singing starts at 0:20).

I'm sorry the comment took so long! I was combing YouTube for obvious examples of people singing wrongly.
jl2020: Happy Shocasterjl2020 on July 4th, 2009 09:34 pm (UTC)


Thank you oh thank you soooooooo much!

I am really overjoyed to hear these comments~ when those vocal booths open again, I'll record it again with your corrections in mind!

I understand what you mean by support. I remember when i was in choir once (way in primary school) my teacher did teach me some ways of singing with my diaphragm. I am aware of that but I think I take a long time to get my vocals 'ready'. I dont know, maybe practice makes perfect~ ^__^

I'm still over the moon to have a pro look over my work~

Actually when I made this, I had already made around 30 vocal renditions before so maybe my vocals were tired? I dont know bc these vocal booths would be locked soon so i forced myself to sing as much as i can? oh well~

This rendition, is I think the 5th version. maybe i should learn how not to strain my vocals (?) any tips for that aside from
a) refrain from spicy foods
b) keep the oral parts moist
c) good sleep
d) dont have sweet foods before singing

Thank you very very very very very much again!
I'm glad to hear your compliments too! Actually, whatever I sing, I sing with my heart/feelings that match the song - that usually helps gives me inspiration as to how I should sing it~ and i know this version is somewhat singer-style, i tried to base it according to Denise_dinc@youtube's version but she sang too quickly and i think she took that clip down already nor can i dl it from her vox anymore :/ but her renditions were what drove me to try myself and put it here~

I'm really happy still to know where I can improve and that I can sing even though there are plenty of mistakes~ i sing whenever I am overwhelmed with feelings- be it of whatever nature~ so when i read your comments, i'm just very very very happy to hear your honest and detail opinions! ^____^

I dont know what I can do to return you this favour~ but I ll definitely improve on my vocals~
Denise 旭denise_dinc on October 5th, 2009 12:50 pm (UTC)
My dear, I didn't take down the video, it's still there.

And I still believe I didn't sing that high XD XD