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I am a Sho wifey and you know what that means. Yet, in case you dont know, I'm basically a fan of Arashi member, Sakurai Sho. I love and respect my studies but I can also be as adorkable as the man himself. Yes I can be seriouse but I can play! I got a very good uni entrance exam score and scholarship thanks to Arashi and esp dear Sakurai Sho who have been cheering and supporting me during my studies. Being a devoted science patriot and someone who loves learning and translating if you want something translated into Chinese or English, pm me! or better, any witty science questions are loved as well as comments.
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aiba masaki, arashi, aussie chinese, badminton, chinese english translator, doraemon, full metal alchemist, matsumoto jun, nerd, ninomiya kazunari, ohno satoshi, physics, sakurai sho, science, sho wifey, sydney sider