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05 July 2009 @ 12:17 am
Jay Chou's 1st Australian Concert - Sydney 3rd Jul 2009  

First off, let me tell you all this is the first concert I went to in my entire life!

Yes, I kid you not.

So I really dont know how to react except that I dont want to umm disturb others.

Ok, for Jay Chou fans alike, I apologise for making you wait.

When my uncle drove my aunt and I (I LOVE my aunt for treating me to this concert! She is absolutely an angel!) to watch the con, we were i think 30 min early or a little more than that, ANYWAY, check out the crowds:

I'm pretty upset by the fact that there are:
a) no posters of the con ANYWHERE
b) no billboards of Jay ANYWHERE
c) there are just loads and loads of marketing ads of the sponsors and they look not even the slightest eye-engaging.

This is my first ever concert ticket:

I'm sitting pretty close to the stage actually but on the far left~ so most of the time I only see the left side of Jay (which is fine by me) ^___^

so what's my view like really?
Here it is:

see where the star is? well, that's the centre stage but to the dismay of the fans who paid a lot to get near it, Jay didnt really go there that often but feels more comfortable acting just in front of the musicans of main stage as I like to call it - good news for me though, I guess my aunt and I are lucky - we bought the 168AUD tickets but got seats worth 248 or 268~ call that value~ and i'm not the least complaining bc right behind me there's the wall - why am i happy about the wall? I'll tell you that later~

With regards to the stage, I had to admit that it is very small..... maybe I've been watching Arashi concert DVDs too much~ i think the stage there is probably a thrid to a quarter the size we saw in Taiwan 2007 DVD.

I do have media clips of the concert but they are really of very crappy quality so if you guys still want to see them then I can email them to you ~

So the con starts up pretty much like the World Tour in Taiwan~
The crowd were awesome but i felt that we needed some warming up before we reached the 'crazy' point at the end! it was a fun, a very memorable time for me! Oh and Jay's Mum was there too but we never got to see him, he just mentioned it and before he sang Cant say it out (開不了口), he waved at her! Yet, more on that song later!
I'll try and remember as many songs as possible in which he performed and their were i think around 30.

1. Golden Armour (黃金甲) - Remember that General outfit with purple feathers stuck behind him? Yep, he wore THAT out and there were dancers in Chinese Dynastical unforms - gold of course and some did some really wicked moves!
2. Unique (無雙) - He took off his purple overcoat and bang reveals that silver shirt with a red band crossing diagonally across his chest and a black feather was still stuck to his back side of his head. though like in Taiwan, there were the shiny black trousers and nice dark boots.
3. Retreat (退後) - I think this was next, i really cant remember if this is the 3rd song or not but i did remember him singing it.

Then i dont remember quite well, but i think he went to change while there was a clip showing clips of "Secret", again, it's like the one in 2007 Taiwan DVD.

Then, came one of my fav parts.

4.Clowns came out but its not for It's Sweet (甜甜的) but Maltose (麥芽糖)- this was a lot of fun
5. after that came The Busy Cowboy (牛仔很忙)- as those familiar with Jay Chou will know that he loves twitching his lyrics and he did so too~
6. after that came Listen to Mum (聽媽媽的話) and he left the stage from the left ie i get to see him go down the stairs there to the backstage! He waved and said at the very end sincerely "listen to mum!". Oh almost forgot, like in Taiwan, Jacky Cheung (張學友) sang a part of the chorus too - in a premade clip of course~

Then there was another clip of something I cant quite remember - ah! yes, i hope it's chronologically placed - well, *ahem*, a lady was playing Er wu (an instrument traditional to China and is very old one indeed. Made of a hexagonal prism with snake skin bases, it has 2 strings only spanning from that box and along a wooden handle which is attached adjacent to the box, a little like the guitar, and the musician plays it like a cello except the whole thing is like the size of a banjo and you can play it on your lap, though this instrument is known for playing melodramatics pieces and is hard to grasp bc it relys heavily on the musicians sense of touch and how much he or she can remember those touches - right got carried away.) and she performed a very nice piece and the clip shown above the mainstage also had very nicely written Chinese verses on them - I dont know if it is Vincent Fong who wrote them or are really from some ancient text but they were really beautiful - i think one of them was:

Translation: A hero is only but a split second of a dashing, refined, elegant manner.

Then came something breath-taking.

7. 4 girls in magenta chang sams (the one-piece traditional Chinese dress you see waitresses in Chinese restaurants wear) were each holding one of those rice paper umbrellas but with a semi transparent cover over it that has golden lines flowing freely from the tip. Then some other dancers, men and women, got out those 1950s big fans with flashy red feather tips. Ring a bell? Yep, it's none other than the classic Beyond A Thousand Miles (千里之外) but Mr. Fei wasnt featured in this song and Jay sang his parts too.
8. and you know what always accompanies A Thousand Miles? Bingo, it's Rosemary (迷迭香). Now this is sassy.

One thing everyone should or would know is that the chronography of Jay's Songs are HOT. Almost too hot for my liking and also by traditional Chinese viewpoint standards - but we know Jay - he breaks the rules and revives them, only to make them better. Yet really, I think some girls would seriously faint or explode with jealousy - they have really ummm exposing costumes but they are pros, why how they dance in heals is beyond me. and i meant HIGH heals with those skinny supports - ugh! i pity their calves and feet~ A pat on the back for them - and speaking of dancers..... read on~ there's more to that~

- memory blank - blame it on the hot dances really - ok i watched some YT vids, during this interval, those hot dancers came to the centre stage to keep us entertained and i remember those on the left

ah i think i get it - ok this might be before A thousand miles, but they were showing us that clip of the piano battle. and from where i was sitting i ssaw this white piano and thought - we are in for one spectacular show~ then out came Jay playing (though the only thing i want to cry is that a) his back was facing me and b) the screen of him playing too a craning of the neck to be able to see it):

9. Unspeakable Secret (不能説的秘密). He was wearing black~
10. Black Humour (黑色幽默)
11. Night's 7th Chapter (夜的第七章) - and yes, with that Sherlock Holmes theme clip playing at the back.
12. Silence (安靜) - OMG, the 1st song from him which captivated me - I was in 7/8th grade
13. The Promised Bliss (說好的幸福)- surprise! song from the newest album!

Then guests from 南拳媽媽 came - only Chase and Lara though but they performed 3 songs
14. Childhood times (小時候)
15. Another one of their songs, Chinese style andd starts with 屋 (sorry, not familiar with them, I know they are apprendices of Jay but that's it, in their early days, they were critized for having their work very similar to their master's XD - I dont blame them)
16. Rooftop (屋頂) - a song as Lara commented "a song Jay should sing more often than he does now". Indeed, this is one song I havent heard a lot but i did hear it on youtube once and the reason i think Lara said that was bc it was a song Jay sang with his ex Patty Hou on TV and they sang it beautifully but as we know, the media killed the couple *sighs*

It is times like these that I find JE being strict with its talents on relationships maybe really appropriate - but we can argue. yet, I must add, Lara has one of the most angelic voices I have ever heard.

ok, back to the concert. Everyone was chanting Jay to come out this time when bang a little up the centre of the centre stage, their was this guy sitting on this chair, in black suit and a hair, head dowm, right hand on his black hat which was on his head - a position very much like in the 1st pages of the Uncomparable concert lyrics booklet. Then a woman in this really exposing sky blue tango dress came down the aile from the main stage and danced with him and there were so really cool moves that would make you applause and scream! We thought it was Jay but seeing the guy move, the more we were convinced he wasnt! XD yet more on this guy later - let's call him Cool Guy for the meantime. Anyway, right after their dance, towards the left of the main stage (my side), came Jay sitting on one of those Royal French arm chairs and at both sides of his feet, 2 female dancers in black and in very exposing costumes

17. Night's Tune (夜曲) - Lara and Chase performed in this too
18. Ben Cao Gang Mu/ The Chinese Herb Manual (本草綱目)- Chase rapped here with Jay. Again, Jay twitched the lyrics to give instructions to the audience and also ask the crowd who he is and the crowd screamed "JAY CHOU!!!!!!!!!" in Mandarin - it was also here where we say goodbye to Lara and Chase. oh and Jay played those traditional Chinese yo-yos~ this time a fluroscent pink one - i think he played them on Taiwan 2007 DVD too~
19. Blue Flower Porcelain (青花瓷) - this was awesome, I never expected to hear him sing my fav. this song has memories of me going to that Guangzhou Exhange Tour.
20. Sunny Otaku (陽光宅男) - ok, now, here is when that wall came to good use. I stood up and with my air-stick thingy was waving it at the happy and fast beat, jumping with 2 other girls on my right. (To the guy sitting next to me wearing black-rimmed glasses, thank for for being generous and lending me 2 of those stick thingys). THIS SONG ROCKS!!!!!! even when i hear it myself, i tend to want to jump whenever i hear it~ ha~ (it's one of those reflexes, like in Arashi's Lucky Man, you'll want to scream Man whenever you hear lucky! XD)

Anyway, after this, there was somewhat a pause, and the drummer played with us. How? he invited us to copy his beat~ which was a lot of fun! Then the staff brought out all sorts of instruments onto the main stage, then Jay with his guitar (he is our talented musical genius after all), plays/sings us the following:

21. Moonlight (月光) - in collaboration with his recorder, now also a musician, Gary. Gary is the recorder of all his songs, right up to the first song of hie first album
22. Fragrant Rice/Rice's Fragrance *note that the later translation bears a closer significance but the song is popularly named the former - or am i mistaken?* (稻香)- he sang this, THIS, MY FAV!!!!!!!!! he said "I guess some of you here are due to your studies right? well, I give you this song so that you can have a feel of home."<<< now, that's warm~ and needless to say, I stood up and sang with him - this feeling of singing with him! Bliss~ and to think i did a vocal rendition of this song not too long ago made me smile from ear to ear~
23. Numchucks (雙截棍)- happy version. He said "when i was young, i loved basketball but i wasnt very tall then...well, some of you here are born and raised here locally and would like to build yourselves up (in terms of physical size) when you met with other local ppl here... right?" at this point, we all laughed - i can totally imagine guys working out at gyms so that they have more or less the same physique as some local guys here XD He said that this song might sound violent at first so he opted to give us a happier version~ which was interesting~
24. Then Jay discarded his guitar and went to the centre stage where he introduced Cool Guy to us who is actually one of the main chronographers and here where Cool guy proposed to his girlfriend Lily! Yes, he called over all his relatives from Taiwan and under the supervision of us, the many bosses and Jay who he refers to as "少爺" which is a term addressed to sons of powerful/rich ppl or just young men of a high profile XD, he kneeled and presented his gf with a purple stoned ring (bc his gf loves purple) and the lights went purple too~ ^__^ His gf was overwhelmed by all this so what does Jay do? Sing appropriately: Cant say it out (開不了口)!

-inserts memory blank -

Jay came out of the stage once, i dunno if it's after the time the drummer was playing with it, and he demonstrated his drumming skills too~

-inserts memory blank-

25. Jay came out after another interval playing the Gu Zhing - what song? Hair like Snow (髮如雪)! He didnt sing half of it but let us sing it - pity i couldnt remember the lyrics very well and the LCDs with them were a bit further away from me~ he helped us a bit at the chorus though~ but it was very fitting , why? watch the MV!
26. then (i think that's what follows), there was a clip from Jet Li - Yep! Jay's idol XD and many too! He says he's marvelled by how Jay made the MV and theme song of his movie Fearless, Jet's last main solo acting movie - great movie, just FAB, i remember seeing it in HK and it really was very nice~ returning to the subject: Jet added that Jay incorporated the old, traditional Chinese beliefs and morals with moderness and has gained his respect and that he is worthy of this bc he is our idol. XD So you know what's coming~ Next up is Fearless/Fo Yuan Jai (霍元甲) and there was tonnes of kungfu~ with fans too~ Golden fans~ and there were spitting flames too! Of course I couldnt resist it and stood up singing and waving by the beat~ This song means a lot~
27. Chivalrous Chou (周大俠) - seriously, I couldnt sit down - no way! I cant even remember the number of times i chanted tofu and kungfu and nearly mixed them up! Needless to say, clips of Kungfu Dunk was playing~
28. "This is the last song!" he says. what is it you ask?
Numchucks (雙截棍) and IN ALL ITS GLORY!!!!! I LOVE CHANTING MY LUNGS OFF AT 'HER HER HA HEE' (kungfu chanting) AND '快使用雙截棍' (use numchucks quick!) AND "怎麼該?"(what should we do?)NOW THIS IS A SONG THAT EVERY LIVING CHINESE SHOULD KNOW! THIS IS A SONG ANY MARTIAL ARTS PERSON SHOULD MEMORISE! Actually, i dont think the piano part was played but i know the whole audience went CRAZYYYYYYYYYY~~~~~~~~~~~~~ it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since this song was so fast i could only remember the last part on Taichi which is 風山水起 (the wind and mountains and water spring alive - it's hard to translate this one since its a very figurative term in martial arts novels)~ Chants: 快使用雙截棍 HER HER HA HEE! 快使用雙截棍 HER HER HA HEE! 快使用雙截棍 HER HER HA HEE!~~~

Please note that I most likely have gotten Night's Tune and Night's 7th Chapter in the wrong place but I really cant remember where which is where - i checked that Night's 7th Chapter came after Cool Guy's hot dance but where's Night's Tune then? I know they are both the starting songs for different intervals so... sorry guys my memory betrays me T_________T ok, so someone uploaded the entire con on YT but i couldnt bother rewatching it bc there were simply too many bg noises that hurt my ears, sorry, but i must add that The Last Battle (最後的戰役) is the 3rd song in the concert.

The best thing is that , when he left the stage after that last song, he chose the left side! the LEFT side and he waved at us! YEAH!

There were a lot of fireworks and sparks and it was really breath-taking! The ending was CRAZYYYYYYYY! I only find it a pity that there was 7 Miles Fragrance (七里香) and Jay didnt do any magic~ but it was 3 hrs - actually, Lara and Chase didnt have to perform so long but they are his apprendices afterall~

now, as for concert goods, I bought a $15 tall mug:

and just because I love that logo~~~ it's really him put artistically~

and a $5 softdrink can holder:

I also have 3 extra pamphets for my friends, sella90, you're having one of them! ^__^ Amanda from Uni, my buddy Jay Chou fangirl, you're getting one! Now, I have a spare one, who wants it? Just leave a comment here please!

Ah~ what a report~ I wrote it the best I could so ppl pls dont kill me and tell me my mistakes ok~ I welcome harsh comments! XD

I'm now at/in:: home sweet home
I'm feeling:: pleasedpleased
I'm listening to:: 愛在西元前(Love before Christ) - 周杰倫(Jay Chou)
jl2020: Gigglesjl2020 on July 6th, 2009 10:12 am (UTC)

seriously, you make crawl to the floor everytime with your comments!

Sure I can keep it on hold for you but try not to forget what your hubby gave you!

wait, are you two-timing with Riida and Jay?